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What Happens to Lost, Stolen or Unclaimed Goods (How to Find a Bargain!)

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Did you lose items in the post? Have you ever been burgled or got your car stolen with stuff in it? Were your goods stopped at Customs? ↓↓↓ READ...

Police Auction Held For Items Seized From Criminals

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Exit 10/55 Long Island

Looking For A Deal Grand Forks Police Auction Saturday

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GRAND FORKS, ND (iNewZ.TV) The Grand Forks Police auction is Saturday morning in the impound lot, just north of the Simplot Plant on Gateway Drive....

Unclaimed airport items up for auction

Abbeys Auctions - Australia Post Unclaimed Packages Sale

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Join the Abbeys team as they present their auction favourites and provide helpful tips to get the best out of buying and selling at auction. Next...

The great galleries and museums of the world have long had on display treasures looted by empires and colonial powers of the past. But recently the...

Police bust a multi-million dollar Aladdins Cave of suspected stolen goods at Alexandria.

Dozens of pieces of gold, silver, jewelry, and collectables will soon go to the highest bidder in Massachusetts.

Lebanese / Middle Eastern crime gangs target Sydney Gumtree Luxury Watch sellers

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Millions in gold and jewellery found in storage

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Police have recovered stolen goods worth more than $6 million at a Waterloo storage facility in Sydney's south.

Only on 12: Thousands of items stolen from area storage lockers

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The Washington County Sheriff's Office is tasked with trying to return thousands of items stolen from storage units.

Police are clearing out their Aladdin’s cave of stolen property

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Police are clearing out their Aladdin’s cave of stolen Gold Coast property!

Stolen Mails in Valuable Landmark Building, Sussex St, Sydney, Australia

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Nowadays Sydney city high security building is not save. Some gag enter in building entrance they someone leaving out and stolen mails and...

Police Auctions ... Arresting Deals So Cheap it Must be Stolen!

✔ Download Arresting Deals at Police Auctions Stuff So Cheap You’d Think it Must be Stolen…It Probably...

Police have made another big bust, seizing stolen electronics and jewellery in Sydney's south-west. See more at

Tcad Win News - Stolen & Lost property overflowing at Police

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Stolen & Lost property overflowing at Townsville Police station I recently tried selling my old laptop on ebay and was victim of a common scam buyers use to take advantage of paypal...

You can get goods at 40 to 80 per cent off the retail price. The only catch is they come with a bit of history. Rob Evans is the founder of ...

San Juan police say while they'll be out in full force this holiday season, they can't do it alone, they ned your help. SAN JUAN POLICE SAY WHILE...

Times The Pawn Stars Have Seriously Cheated Customers

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If you're new, Subscribe! → Generally speaking, if you hock something at a pawn shop, you're desperate for money. And...

Massive haul of stolen power tools found in Roseville & St. Clair Shores

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had a great time bidding on some lots and seen tucker and Sammy there but couldn't talk much this time due to was taking a video and it came in...

More than 20 storage units on Northwest Side hit by burglars

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San Antonio police have arrested one man and are looking for at least one more in connection with a major burglary at a Northwest Side storage...

Police and eBAY smash multi-million dollar fraud syndicate

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Police in Sydney and eBay have smashed a suspected multi-million dollar credit card fraud racket, arresting a man and seizing scores of stolen...

Stolen and confiscated items from criminals are up for bid this weekend

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