What Is Andarine S4?

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Andarine (also known as SARM s4 or Andarine S4) is a selective estrogen receptor modifier that can help you seem sleek, complex, and lean by preventing muscle damage and supporting mass muscle growth. It functions and performs similarly to anabolic steroids but with fewer harmful side effects. It is not just a fast-acting molecule that produces muscular increases in a shorter time, but it is also a very potent compound. Because it connects to receptors in your muscle cells, it promotes the growth of muscle mass and, as a result, enhances strength. So the more muscle you have, the stronger you’ll become while training.

Uses of Andarine s4

Andrine s4 has provided you with several uses for your body. These benefits are,

Strengthening of the muscles

Within just a few days, andarine can assist in making your muscles stronger, leaner, and more circulation, making it ideal for competition preparation. You should add it to your stack during the last 6-8 weeks of your cycle to look lean and muscular. It can also provide muscle pumps that continue throughout the day, not just when lifting weights.

Strong strength

After using the Mandarina s4, you’ll see a difference in your strength and stamina. Some users are reporting that by week 5 of their cycle, they could break the previous highest lift marks with this S4.

Fat Burning

S4 helps your body burn fat in various ways; however, the most popular belief is that it inhibits the development of Hormone Responsive Lipase, which is responsible for managing the metabolism of fat reserves. Using 50mg of S4 for six weeks, users reported losing up to 7 pounds of fat and gaining lean muscle mass.

How to use andarine s4

The usual SarmsandarineS4 powder dosage is 50-75milligrams per day for four weeks, taken in equal doses in the mornings and afternoons. However, if you combine S4 powder with a stronger anabolic SARM like Ostarine, your comparing outcomes will be more outstanding if you want to gain muscle while shedding fat. When it comes to the qualities of S4 powder, it’s commonly comparable to Winstrol or Anavar powder. However, S4 powder has a better effect on lean muscle increases. Furthermore, in a hypo caloric environment, Andarine powder reduces fat while maintaining or even increasing muscle mass.

A disadvantage of Andarine s4

Everything has cons and pros for the human body. Just like that, andarine s4 shows some disadvantages to the user. These disadvantages are 

  • Hormone Reduction
  • Having Trouble Seeing At Night
  • Toxicity of the Liver in a Mild Form
  • Low cholesterol levels
  • Hair Loss that is Slightly Increased

Some users may experience more adverse effects than others, while others may have no reports on this vary greatly. However, most casual users report that the more severe adverse effects fade away quickly after stopping Andarine use.


 Andarine is a powerful drug with anabolic and exercise properties that are best administered during a cutting cycle. Many bodybuilders use it as it helps them in their training sessions in the gym. So you must try the andarine s4. We hope you get the exciting and valuable information from this article about the andarine s4.